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Poking and running once again...


I do hope it's deliriously happy, and that all the craziness with your job and your gall bladder has somewhat settled down... seems like it's been forever since I had an actual conversation with you! I realise that I've been a hideous LJ-friend these past couple of months, and really, I'll try and come back as soon as the bugs and drugs are no longer out to get me...

*runs off in the hopes of passing yet another exam tomorrow*
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A day in the life...

Er, because I've fallen off the face of the earth and all... a brief excerpt, written by one of my friends, on the things that are going on in med school. She's convinced med school is funny. Sometimes, I even agree with her. ^_~

(As to the cast of characters... Kevin is the class prankster, Victoria is the lovely young poet who wrote this excerpt, Monica is, well, me, Steven's the young newlywed who sits in front of us, Tamer is the not-so-young not-so-newly wed who sits in the middle of our aisle, Shoshannah's our vegan, Greg is our resident military Mormon boy, Esther is darling and busy and always desirous of being helpful.)

Collapse )

It is vaguely sad that I snicker madly as I read this, but... every word is true. And yes... that, er, lovely little ditty was, in fact, part of lecture. ^^

*will get back to writing again. Really. As soon as the bacteria stop eating my very soul. O_O*
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Back again!

I liiiive!

...which is to say, I have nice, high-speed, functional Internet again! (Which, unfortunately, means that I'm back in the US. Er. Well. Can't have everything...)

I'll be catching up on comments in the next few days, but school's apparently starting with a hop, skip, and a bang, so probably no new stories until Friday, okay? How have all of you been in the time I've been gone? (Feels like forever!)
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Posting and running yet again...

Gaaaah... well, it's not good writing, but at least I got some writing done... *headwall* Well, when my friends have left and my brain is back in PoT-land, where it belongs, there'll be more. Hopefully better.

So! To welcome back aishuu... Oshitari and Mari go shopping. Up at sinsofwill. ^^

I'm so glad that your experience at the hospital was as pleasant as hospital stays are likely to be, sweetie! *snug* Hope you're feeling better today, dear, and that the extra hole resolves itself!

(And! Oooh! I get to use my new, sparkly Mari icon, courtesy of lainex' lovely fanart, and rageboxalice's icon-making skills!)
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Real Life eats me...

*flails about in frustration* I don't believe it. I'm on vacation, and somehow, Real Life actually got me. Snagged me like a catfish. Between a million family events, AND the Dialup of Doom, AND my lovely, but very distracting, friends... how's a girl supposed to write?! (Or, for that matter, catch up on comments, or Friends list, or... well, apparently, I'm not. Gah.)

I just popped online today to wish aishuu a successful operation and a quick, painless recovery! Lit a candle for you yesterday in San Augustin church, sweetheart--hope your surgeons are skillful, your nurses are nice, and that pesky gall bladder goes the way of the dinosaur!

And you know I've been in the Philippines too long when I start lighting devotion candles. *facepalm*
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Mini-scanslation, anyone?

rageboxalice... remember how I was telling you that I had a set of doujin shorts that I wanted you to see?

Well, I finally got onto a connection decent enough that it doesn't bite me every time I so much as look at it. ^^

[Textual Chemistry] Toshishita no Wanko

It's Silver Pair; three one-page shorts, all in the same vein.

I absolutely love this particular circle's art--everyone is adorable (even if they're always poking fun at Shishido and Ootori.) I've already gotten a lot of their other stuff scanned, but Photoshop and I get into violent disagreements--the reason the second page is so rough-looking is that I had to redo it three times. Photoshop kept crashing on me and I (being an utter moron) kept forgetting to save halfway. ^^;

Hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to pass the link around, should you so desire.

(Oh, and missitar? Once On This Island - Forever Yours.mp3 Hope you like it!)

Brief EDIT for amusement value: Apparently tiamatv is a G-rated blog. This comes as no surprise. What DOES come as a surprise? The fact that sinsofwill, is ALSO apparently G-rated. O_O Uh... riiiiight.
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Auto-rereaders of the world, unite!

Three questions for all of you...

How many of you write fiction? Original fiction, fanfic, whatever you like?

Second question: how many of you reread your own stories... and not for editing purposes?

(*sheepishly raises hand*)

Third question: So, fellow auto-rereaders... why do we reread our own stuff?

Phew! Finally caught up with comments... mostly.

OH, wait, one more question--is there anyone I can request an icon from, or request icon-making lessons from? (*laugh* I can pay you in drabbles, if you so desire.)

EDIT: Edited for clarity, because people seemed to think my third question was asking why you read MY stuff *laugh*
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Watch Monnie fangirl!

So I get home and my mum starts on about my posture and my weight, her two favourite peeves. It says something that all I had to do was look back at the comments on Keganin to put me back into the proper fangirly, flaily, deliriously happy frame of mind. ^________^

Fanart makes me insanely happy... but absolutely gorgeous COPING METHODS fanart?! I don't think an emoticon exists that can describe the look on my face.

By kazeko
1) Kiss (she thought of it, I didn't!) (with the reference pic for the pose) <-- *still flailing too hard to come up with commentary*
2) A sketch of Mari!

By lainex
3) Mari being smart and studious <--my response was, "Hiyoshi, oh my God, if she really looks like this, you MUST be oblivious."
4) Mari opening the door for Hiyoshi in Tamatebako

3 + 1 = Anticanon HiyoMari drabble, up at sinsofwill. (And yes, it really is a drabble this time--less than 500 words!)

I am feeling an insane amount of love for the Coping Methods storyline right now, so Silver Pair ladies... er, temporarily forgive me? ^^;
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Dialup is anything but love...

...but you guys, however, who fed me Hell Day plotbunnies, are SERIOUS, SERIOUS love! Thanks to you, my brain actually isn't a puddle on the floor of my auntie's place! Gaspu!

mousapelli ended up poinking my bizarre brain the hardest, though I really couldn't tell you why... the result is up at sinsofwill. Er, dear, I'm pretty sure this wasn't what you were thinking of when you offered the prompt... but I suppose that's only fair, because it wasn't what I was thinking of when I started fiddling with the prompt, either! >.<

Also up at sinsofwill... ehehehe, I guess it's Coping Methods, via chironstar's drabble request... though I have only one thing to say about it: poor Hiyoshi. ^^;

Should I happen to disappear for awhile again, it's because my mother's dialup, as it turns out, is incredibly unreliable--it was out all of Sunday and Monday, and is kind of crawling along today. ^^;
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